Online, Online, Online!

The capabilities of technology available to us human beings in this era is powerful beyond measure.  What’s scary is that technology is only going to improve so, what we are used to now will not compare to what’s in store for us in the future. The rate at which technology is expanding is incredible. This article stated that, by 2015, communications technologies could be available to everyone! Amazing.

A particular quote stood out from The Californian Ideology reading:

“The long-term gains to the economy and to society from the building of the ‘infobahn’ would be immeasurable. It would allow industry to work more efficiently and market new products … No doubt the ‘infobahn’ will create a mass market for private companies to sell existing information commodities— films, TV programmes, music, and books—across the Net (Barbrook, p.65).”

In essence, didn’t we gain plenty from having access to internet? We should examine how the world is evolving. For instance, we have moved from physical possession of artist albums (for example CD’s or cassettes), to a recent trend of electronic distribution of music via ITunes. Technology has rapidly evolved how music is stored from outdated Walkman devices, to direct storage of music into an IPod.  It’s strange how I referred to the Apple Company products as primary examples. Nonetheless, their products are convenient because it can perform almost everything I desire and they are reliable products (*cough* Blackberry).

In further relation to the quote, companies are using online advertising. Advertisements are common almost everywhere online! They show up in mobile browsing, Facebook, e-mails and even before/after a YouTube video!  This is exceptionally effective because online shopping is now possible. Is there nothing that can’t be done on the internet?

After this interesting read, it made me wonder what effect technology has on those from a younger generation. They were born into an era of advanced technology. Thus, they were not able to see the evolution of such technologies and may not appreciate it as much as those from an earlier generation. They may even be more dependable on technology. Do you think this is the case?


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